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One Plus 8T ,The Phone Of The Year?

So the concept of ‘T is always expected from One Plus as a refreshing concept, where the reviews of customers are taken from their previous devices like One Pus 8Pro and the normal variant One Plus8. So the device was launched around 14th October. It was priced around 43k, is the price justified? Let’s find out.

Box Contents:

  1. One Plus 8T

  2. 65watt Charging Brick

  3. Type-A to Type-C cable

  4. Silicon Case

  5. Manual


So the design of one plus 8T is a lot fresh compared to the 8. The 8 was a bit curved from the edges but, The 8T has got no curves and feels plain from the edges. Based on my preference, I prefer devices without edges since its less prone to be broke while a fall and gives a more compact feel to the hands. Comparing to 8Pro also it is less curved and less bulky. It is complete aluminum from the sides and glass on the back which, catches your fingerprints.


One Plus had also taken concern from customers toward the display. One Plus 8 had an AMOLED 90hz screen, But the 8T has AMOLED 120hz screen just like his big brother, 8Pro. The display has a peak brightness of 1,100 nits. The display is just amazing with bright and punchy colors. The button layout will be familiar to OnePlus users. The power and volume buttons sit on opposite sides of the frame, there’s an alert slider for switching between ringer profiles, a USB 3.1 Type-C port on the bottom, and no baby headphone jack that we all love to  see on mobiles anytime soon.

No IP rating or wireless charging still to be seen on 43k One Plus device is such a shame . Other than that this device display is amazing and no problems so far on my testing.


Did One Plus improve the 8T even with the performance? No, I don’t think so. 8T comes with snapdragon’s 865 SoC, which is a 5g processor. And is a lot powerful and capable of doing many things with a snap. But seriously, One Plus decided to implement LPDDR 4 instead of LPPDR 5, like why One Plus. And on the other hand, 8 Pro comes with LPPDR 5 which is a good thing, so I don’t feel any improvement over here.

one plus 8t benchmark score

This is a quick score of 8T 5g, And in my day-to-day testing, the 8T was faster as expected. I had no problem in opening apps thanks to the best android software OS that is oxygen OS. Oxygen Os is said to be the best OS with a clean UI and no bloatware or ADs. I also tried many games with max settings and I was easily getting a constant 80FPS and no lag or heat as such. The mobile did at times had lags while opening apps, and few times throttled while playing mobile on charge but it was a rare occasion. This mobile is a beast-like any other 865 processor mobile. But the gaming always beast with the One Plus device due to its Fanatic Mode.

one plus 8t benchmark

Other features include an in-display fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, face recognition, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and NFC. The speakers on this device were loud and clear . And the fingerprint reader and Face unlock were instant always , never face problem with any of them . So overall the performance was damn amazing .

Camera And Battery:

The only area I feel one plus did a stupid job was the camera segment. Including 4 sensors to the back with the same old Sony Imax – 586 which is seen in 7 Series of one plus and even Nord. And many other budget devices. It comes with OIS for video stability, The sensor isn’t bad but I wish I had seen some new and improved sensor like on One Plus 8Pro.

I captured many photos from this device and as expected it was exceptional in day-light. It was able to capture plenty of light and the dynamic range was great. The only problem I faced was like many other flagships it captured a warm tone which I do not prefer generally. Other than that the photos were great from the main 48Mp sensor.

one plus 8t camera

The ultra-wide-angle camera captures good colours too, albeit with slightly weaker details. The macro camera of the OnePlus 8T is a slight improvement over that of the 8, but it’s still no match for 8 Pro’s macro implementation. Portrait mode could use a lot more work. Skin tones on human subjects often looked completely off. Overall the camera is great on this device but not the best given to its competitors like Mi 10T pros 108mp camera. So the camera is good given to its daylight shots and it needs some improvement to its night shots. I used G-Cam and there was really great changes given to it’s stock camera.


The battery is really a great improvement in this device. I easily could get around 8hours of screen-on time, given to my heavy usage of games, songs, and surfing through Instagram the whole day. And thanks to its powerful 65watt fast charging, This phone could juice up from 0 to 100 within 30min and last long with no heating as such. I really would love to see wireless charging on this device.


This year’s ‘T’ refresh is not as big as the last year. OnePlus launched an 8T Pro model, we might have seen upgrades to the SoC and cameras on the 8T. As it stands, the OnePlus 8T is still a solid offering and does everything you would expect from a mid-tier flagship. It looks great, it has a superb display, the cameras are decent, and the battery life is solid. It also doesn’t hurt to have super-fast 65W charging. This device is refreshing but nothing that new or killer features  to purchase it. I would recommend devices like Samsung FE or the Mi 10T Pro to watch out for .This mobile so far the best one from ONE PLUS , but weirdly not the best to tech world.


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